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A chartered fleet of safe, modern buses provides transport to and from school. This service is provided for Kindergarten through to Grade 12 students at no additional charge. For safety reasons, Pre-School children may not use these buses but must be transported to and from school by their parents.

Bus routes are established by the School Administrators and officials of the bus company. There are designated pick-up and drop-off points. Drivers are authorised to stop at official points only. Buses depart from the campus at 3:10pm each day.

There are no buses following after-school activities; parents are responsible for the prompt collection of their children at the end of the activity.

If a student is to ride a bus other than his/her assigned bus, an email should be sent to the Transport Co-ordinator (rfalconer@isa.aberdeen.sch.uk) no later than 9.00am on the day of the request; for Elementary students, the respective teacher should be copied on the email. If there are any problems or concerns, please contact the Transport Co-ordinator.

School Transport Rules

Outwith any legal responsibilities, the main reason for flagging up these specific points is to ensure the safe transportation of all our students to and from ISA.

  1. If you have to cross the road after getting off the bus, wait for it to move away first. In the UK school transport does not have the same protection/priorities that are applicable in other Countries. E.G. other transport are allowed to overtake a stationary school bus. Therefore it is imperative that students can see traffic approaching from both directions before attempting to cross.
  2. Find a seat quickly and quietly without pushing.
  3. Wait until bus has stopped completely before getting up to leave.
  4. Arrive on time at pick-up point and wait for Bus away from the kerb.
  5. Don’t push or rush towards bus when it arrives.
  6. Stay seated when bus is moving and always wear seat belt. Seat Belts are to be used at all times on the buses and remain in place until the bus stops at the school or when it reaches the drop off points in the afternoon. Drivers have reported that despite being told, some children are declining to wear their seatbelts. That leaves them and the driver vulnerable. Please pass this message on to your child / children.’
  7. Make sure your bags do not block gangways and exits, or take up seats.
  8. Only speak to Driver when he/she is not driving, or in an emergency. Distracting driver can be very dangerous.
  9. Never throw things or play about on the bus, never throw things out of bus windows.
  10. Remember to take all belongings with you when you leave the bus, except in an emergency when you should leave them behind.
  11. Take care if returning to the bus after getting off as the driver may be ready to pull away.
  12. All students from Kindergarten up to grade 5 must be met by a Parent/Guardian. Drivers are instructed to keep any child not met by adult on the bus and returned to school after completing their route.
  13. During winter months, when clocks go back when you will be travelling to and from the school in the dark, extra care should be taken on icy footpaths and roads when children are walking to and from the school buses and getting on and off the bus. The bus steps could be slippery with ice... Sensible footwear with good grip should be worn.

Bus Routes

BusRoute and Areas served
1Netherly - Maryculter - Milltimber
2Stonehaven - Great Western Rd
3Banchory - Drumoak - Peterculter
5Kingswells - Queens Den - Springfield
6* * bus route cancelled as of Oct 26, 2015 * *
7Hilton - Kings Gate - West End
8Bieldside - Cults
9Cults - Woodlands - Airyhall
10Ardoe - Banchory Devenick - Broomhill
11Kincorth – Ferryhill/City Centre – Kepplestone
12Pocra Quay @ York St – Rosemount – Countesswells/Woodlands

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