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5 Rainy Day BBQ Saving tips.

We know that the Scottish weather is not always on our side when it comes to planning a gathering in the garden… but do not call off the barbecue just yet!

Did you know, grilling on a rainy day can have some positives?

The humidity in the air reduces evaporation, keeping your food moist for longer and grilling with the cover on, to keep the food dry, creates extra smoke giving your meat added flavour. So, here is how to pull it off….

1. Preparation is Key

Pre-cook your meat on a low heat in the oven until you are about ready to serve and then finish off by searing them on the grill. This is a great idea if you plan on serving burgers or steaks as it will save time wrestling with the BBQ in rain!

2. Grilling Sweet spot

On a rainy day we recommend setting up an umbrella, gazebo, or parasol to avoid getting the food wet and if it is windy, make sure to set up a windbreaker. You can in some cases open the garage door and grill under there, but please be careful where you choose to set up, as grilling in confined spaces can be dangerous!

3. Wrap up

As the old saying goes ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and have a blanket at hand if it gets chilly. If you are still feeling chill, have a good old game of charades to get warmed up!

4. Run for cover

Do not be afraid to take the party indoors if it is too cold and wet for your guests. Serve the food on paper plates with plastic cutlery and give drinks in plastic cups to keep the relaxed garden party vibe alive.

5. Stay positive

Remember that a good BBQ is not just about the food you eat but about the people you spend time with. If there Is good company, tasty food, and great music everyone will have a great time!

Go on… grill up something tasty and celebrate National BBQ Week no matter the weather!

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