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We are looking for alumni to share their post-ISA experiences with our current community. If you are interested in contributing to this aim, please send a short letter with the subject line "alumni experiences" to: admin@isa.aberdeen.sch.uk

I found the web site and had to check out what was happening at ASA (That's how I knew it) I came to ASA in 1981 but my family has had a LONG relationship with the school. My Aunt was once a teacher there and was instrumental in the design of the High School gym. My great cousin was attended school there too after her death one of the buildings were named after her; The Marsha E McGuffin building. I have always held dear to me the memories I have at ASA and still check in with the website just to see what's going on. You have grown so but I still hope that you have keep the since of community that we had there. It was something special and I would hate to see that lost. Being at ASA made me such a better person not only academically but socially and gave me more opportunities than I can count. Students should relish their time there for they have an experience not afforded to many. Good Luck with the school year, and as always I'll check in with you soon.
Dawn (Rutherford) Marks, Class of 1989
My sister Melanie recently wrote into ISA so I decided to write in as well!

Melanie, my younger sister Claudia, and I attended ASA from 1990 to 1993. It was a once in a lifetime experience in Aberdeen. Some of my most memorable moments of elementary school were in Mr. Newbury’s fourth grade class where we reenacted a scene of Macbeth on the site of the historical castle or using color dyes to see the difference between hot and cold water. Other memories include field trips to Crathes Castle, a week trip to the Isle of Arran, meeting with an editor from Aberdeen’s newspaper, and putting together a single issue school newspaper during fifth and sixth grade.

My current job is very similar to the school newspaper project. I work in my hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota for the local newspaper – the Brainerd Daily Dispatch. It is my first fulltime job in sports after interning in marketing with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers. I layout and design the sports section. Layout includes arranging text and pictures, writing headlines, and editing.

Melanie recently graduated LSU and is now a nutrition intern at the Mayo Clinic. Claudia attends the University of Hawaii-Hilo, majors in communication and works at the Mauna Kea observatory in public relations.

We all have a special place in our hearts for the ISA campus and Aberdeen. I will remember the castles, the lochs, the heather, but I’ll stay away from the haggis burgers!
Trevor Williams  

Hi, I was excited to see that ASA was still alive and well.  I graduated from ASA in 1974 and was surprised to see how much it had grown.

I was one of the six kids who lived in the "Dorm".  It was actually a bed and breakfast owned by Mr. Milne and his wife.  My parents lived in Edinburgh at the time and I would commute every Monday morning on the train and back again on Friday.

My favorites were my Math Teacher (Mr. Hillyard) and our English teacher, Miss Beryl Toups.

I went back to California after graduating and went to San Jose State University for two years.  Then I moved down to Long Beach and finished my degree in Business Management at Cal State Long Beach in 1979.

I have been married to a Fnancial Planner for 28 years and we have two boys, Jeff and Sam.  Jeff is 24 and just finished his degree in Criminal Justice, and Sam 21 is going to school and is in the Air Force Reserves.  He will be deployed to Iraq in January for six months.

I had been a buyer for a junior department store for 10 years and an accountant for 20 years.  I am now looking to retire in the next few years.

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of my classmates, I would love the info.  It is amazing how much the school has grown.  Thank you for your website.
Carolyn "Kay" Sauer (nee Hendrix)

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