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The International School of Aberdeen Board of Trustees has fourteen members.  There are four appointed members, four elected members, five guest members, and one ex-officio member.

Appointed Members

Companies are sorted by the number of students that they support at ISA.  The top five companies appoint three of the appointed Board Members.   The top five companies as of 1 October 2017 are: Schlumberger UK; Total E&P UK; BP; Shell UK; and Maersk Oil North Sea UK.  The current Members appointed by the top five companies are Erik Nijdam, Joseph Farrell, and Joseph Lammers. 

The second five companies appoint one of the appointed Board Members.   The second five companies are: Chevron North Sea; ENI (UK); Statoil (UK); Repsol Sinopec Resources UK; and Baker Hughes and Ensco Offshore UK tying at tenth place.  This position is currently held by Roderick Green. 

Appointed members are expected to serve as a Board Member for two years.  The terms are staggered to ensure continuity amongst the Board Members.

Erik Nijdam (Shell) Chairman
Joseph Lammers (BP) Vice-Chair
Joseph Farrell (ConocoPhillips) Secretary
Roderick Green (Chevron) Treasurer

Elected Members

Three members are elected from nominations at the Annual General Meeting held in November of each year.  The term for each elected member is two years and the terms are staggered for Board continuity.  The current elected Board Members are Karen Boesen, Brenda Holohan, and Manuel Guedez.
 One Board Member is elected by the Executive Board (appointed and elected members) to serve for one year. This position is from the local Aberdeen community. The purpose of the position is to give stability to the Board and to give local insights into the community. This position is currently held by Dr Caroline Traa.

Caroline Traa Elected Board Member
Karen Boesen
Manuel Guedez Elected 
Brenda Holohan Elected

Guest Members

Guest Board Members were added to the Board in order to give greater transparency to the Board’s activities and to gain a broader insight about the School. The guest members are the current holders of the following positions:  Middle School/High School Principal (Angus Carmichael), Elementary School Principal (Don Newbury), Finance Manager (Lesley Blackstock), elected Staff Representative (Josie Crimp), and PTO President (Melinda Hulm).

Ex-Officio Member

There is one ex-officio Board Member.  The ISA Head of School (Sarah Bruce) holds this Board membership.

Officers of the Board

The officers of the Board are elected by the Executive Board from the appointed members. Current officers are:

Chairman - Erik Nijdam
Vice-Chair – Joseph Lammers
Secretary – Joseph Farrell
Treasurer – Roderick Green

Board Committees and Leads

Communication/Marketing – Caroline Traa
Finance – Roderick Green
Policy – Karen Boesen

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