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Graduate Feedback

Six months after graduation ISA conducts a survey of the last graduating class to gauge their thoughts on how ISA (and the IB programme) prepared them for their entrance into tertiary education. To view a list of the colleges and universities that ISA graduates from the past four years have chosen to attend, please visit the Profile or University Placements pages.

Here is what some recent graduates had to say about their time at ISA

“After attending my first year at University we were asked to create an essay by researching, creating and referencing a
subject. I'd already done Extended Essays at ISA and knew exactly what was expected. No one in my University course had
done this before and I felt really prepared.”

“The strengths of ISA that I found were the travel opportunities that it offers. Through sports, foreign language and class trips, I became a very travelled student, which I would otherwise not have been without ISA. I think that the school does a good job giving students excellent opportunities to broaden their horizons.”
“The teachers that care about you! Good friends. Small classes. Several activities! Ability to try new things.”
“The multicultural environment promotes more understanding of people from a different background than my own. Also the small classes are highly effective when a topic is not clearly understood then the student and the teacher can work together to reinforce the knowledge.”
“Good teachers available outside class hours, small classes and a good sense of community (you know everyone).”
“Going to school at ISA, I had the benefit of small class size and accessible teachers; I haven't met anyone who graduated with a smaller class size than mine was. The IB helped my work ethic: by necessity we had to budget time wisely, and I find now that I can manage a heavy work load better. I didn't know what I wanted to do at the beginning of IB, so I guess taking rigorous courses in many subjects gave me a indication of what I was good at; each subject stretched my limits at some point. Many of my peers at university are very good at one subject and have trouble in others. IB makes students more well-rounded.”

School Community Feedback

Each year the school administration team conducts surveys of students, parents and faculty on key aspects of the school's operation. Respondants score on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 being 'Poor', 5 being 'Excellent').

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