How do we rate?

How do we rate?

In addition to earning the ISA High School Diploma, students may enrol in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Programme. IB enrolment is open to all students, who may participate in the full IB Diploma Programme or choose to take individual IB courses and sit exams in those subjects.

In the Graduating Class of 2020, 25 of the 29 students were full IB Diploma candidates and one of the 29 students was a courses student. All 25 full IB Diploma students earned the Diploma.

The world average point total was approximately 30. ISA students’ average point total was 34, with three students gaining 40 points.

In summary:

  • 100% pass rate for the IB Diploma in 2020
  • 25 Full IB Diplomas were awarded
  • Our points average was 34 compared with the worldwide average of 30
  • We achieved almost 15% above the global average points
  • 95% of our students achieved grades A* to C
  • An impressive 53% achieved grades A* or A
  • Average grade per subject was 5.29

Please also note, ISA is non-selective - everyone who wanted to enter was entered.

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