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How We Rate

We think we do an excellent job of fulfilling our primary goal of promoting high quality learning and ensuring that the students of ISA maximise their potential. But don't just take our word for it - IB results, graduating students matriculating into world-class colleges and universities, standardised testing scores and feedback from students, parents and faculty provide evidence of ISA's successes in providing 'Exceptional Care for Every Child'

IB Statistics

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is recognised globally as the premier secondary school qualification. Success in the IBDP affords students the opportunity to be accepted into colleges and universities throughout the world. ISA has a proud history of preparing excellent IBDP candidates, who consistently achieve results well above the world norms.

ISA International Baccalaureate Results

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Registered candidates 17 30 25 29 34
Diploma candidates 11 27 19 23 29
  61% 90% 76% 79% 85%
Passed diploma 11 27 16 22 29
  100% 100% 84% 96% 100%
Average Points 38 33 33 33 34
Highest points 44 44 41 43 43
Average grade 5.94 5.31 5.19 5.21 5.37

ISA IB Scores

Every year, ISA's IB Diploma students score higher than the world average.

Student Thoughts

"The strengths of ISA and the IB programme is that you are well rounded and prepared for university life. It allows you to work in groups and learn how to be a critical thinker. Thank you ISA for a great living and learning experience!”

Standardised Testing Statistics

Annually, ISA students in grade 3 through 9 participate in the International School Assessment (coincidentally also ISA) testing. The ISA tests assess students' proficiency in Maths, Reading and Writing and the results are compared with all schools participating in the assessments as well as 'Like' schools. Like schools are characterised by being of a similar size and having a similar ratio of native English : non-native English students.

Reading - Grade 3 to 9 Averages

Writing A - Grade 3 to 9 Averages

Writing B - Grade 3 to 9 Averages

Math - Grade 3 to 9 Averages

The schools ISA test results compare very favourably with national systems throughout the world.

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