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Middle School


CNED is a program sponsored by the French government for fluent French speakers. The framework for study comes from the CNED textbooks and there is likely to be a range of abilities within the scheduled class. The teacher works with individual students or small groups giving instruction to ensure the students are prepared for the rigorous assessments. The teacher will assist individual students in achieving their goals with the primary focus being the French language component. Feedback on progress will be shared by the teacher at reporting dates, parent teacher conferences and through additional communication as appropriate. Students will have the option of joining after school sessions to work on this, and other strands of the program.

MS Art 

The Middle School Art Programme continues to develop the visual awareness of the students through, looking, seeing, using and considering art, in all aspects of their lives and environment. Middle School Art is full of creative exploration and personal expression, and students have the opportunity to work in a variety of different activities, including painting, ceramics, printing, drawing, computer work and sculpture.  Students are exposed to a variety of artists and artworks to help develop a working vocabulary relevant to the subject and an interest in, and a critical awareness of other practitioners, environments and cultures. 

The course is designed to introduce students to visual terms, to enable them to master various skills and to experience different techniques in two and three dimensions that provide them with a good basis for further art development. Emphasis is on individual work and creativity and guiding each student to their highest potential. Middle School Art is open to students in Grades 6, 7 and 8.  Students can opt for a year-long course or a semester-long course in Art. 

MS Band 

Middle School Band is for beginning and experienced musicians on woodwind, brass, and percussion.  Students will study and perform several styles of music appropriate to their playing level.  The ensemble is featured at two main concerts during the school year. Everyone has the opportunity to perform at informal events/recitals throughout the year.  Interested and outstanding musicians have the opportunity to audition for the Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS) International Middle School Honor Band. 

MS Choir 

Middle School Choir is for beginning and experienced vocal musicians.  Students will study and perform several styles of music appropriate to their singing level.  The ensemble is featured at two main concerts during the school year. Everyone has the opportunity to perform at informal events/recitals throughout the year.  Interested and outstanding musicians have the opportunity to audition for the Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS) International Middle School Honor Choir.

MS Drama 

Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 can take Drama as an elective for a whole year. In this class, students continue to focus on role play and the development of believable characters as foundational components of both process drama and theatre performance.  Because drama is a highly social art form, teaching, modelling, and guidance in the development of effective group skills are essential. In partners, small groups, and whole-class formats, students create drama using a variety of forms, techniques, and conventions.  Students continue to explore more complex material, while also broadening their knowledge of forms and conventions to include improvisation, devised scenes, collaborative play-building, interpreting and performing scripts, reader’s theatre, and makeup.

MS Theatre Tech

The MS Theatre Tech Course is a ‘hands on’ approach to the working aspects of the theatre.  Students will learn how to use the lighting and sound systems in the ISA Black Box Theatre and The Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  Students will design scenes for light and sound.  Students will be required to construct, paint and design the scenery for all the ISA theatre productions and work as the Tech Crew for 75% of each semester’s events.  Students are expected to adhere to the safety regulations of the course.  Through this course, the students will gain an appreciation for the technical side of the show and learn how important this aspect of a show is.  MS Theatre Tech is a semester course offered to Middle School students, Grades 6-8.  This course is limited to 12 students/semester.

MS Computer Studies

This semester course will focus on learning a variety of digital tools to use in the classroom and how to manage, share, and collaborate on the cloud through the use of Google Docs, Slides and sites.  Students will also be expected to develop effective searches on the Internet and identify accurate information, as well as how to cite sources using Easybib.  There will also be a focus on keyboarding skills.  In addition, students will learn how to use social networks responsibly and understand the possible dangers they can face online.

MS Design Technology

In this year-long elective course,  students are introduced to a broad range of technology concepts, skills and applications. Depending on class size and student interests, there are a number of possibilities for focus units throughout the year, including but not limited to:

Game Programming introduces students to the basics of computer science, logic and problem solving using Python. Python is a multi- purpose, syntax-based programming language that has been used to program YouTube, Instagram and more. The final project will be to design and   develop a fully-functioning arcade-style game using Python.

Graphic Arts is an introduction to elements of design, spatial relationships, typography, photography and imagery as they apply to practical visual solutions for advertising, marketing, logo design, Web design, and fine arts. This unit will develop students’ graphic design skills, employing 2D and 3D digital tools, materials and procedures.

Design Technology introduces students to a wide range of concepts and practical skills in designing, developing and making products that solve genuine, relevant problems within different contexts. At this unit’s core is creativity and imagination. Students will have the opportunity to focus on specific aspects of architectural design, product design, systems and control, and electronics. The subject draws on a broad range of subject knowledge from related disciplines such as Math, Science, Engineering, Computing and Art.

MS Lego Robotics

This semester course is designed to promote problem-solving skills and introductory computer programming and logic skills, using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  robotics kits.  In this course, students design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components.  By using hands-on robotics, students will gain a better understanding of how technology works in real world applications.  In working towards solutions, students will build, test, troubleshoot and revise designs to improve robot performance, while gaining practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time and speed.  A culminating project is completion of the LEGO Space Challenge – a series of eight robot programming challenges.

MS Media

The Middle School Media course will develop and challenge students’ perceptions of the world in which they live. They will have the opportunity to explore, analyse and produce media to entertain, persuade and inform and learn about the significance of purpose, audience, culture and context in all they experience and create. Students will be working on a variety of collaborative and individual projects, engaging with themes and genres that span local, regional and global topics whilst developing creative and critical thinking skills that encourage a balanced outlook. There will be freedom for students to choose their own focus and develop their own areas of interest in many aspects of this course. Throughout the year students will interact with a range of media features within film, speeches, advertising, performance, news, publications, documentaries, drama, protests, songs, comics and more. 

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