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ISA Statement Against Racism

ISA stands unequivocally against any form of racism, in both its implicit and explicit forms. We strive to provide a well rounded, world-class education to our students, which provides them with the tools and experiences to become internationally-minded, intercultural citizens who value and embrace diversity, engage in and support social justice, and act with courage and compassion towards others. We encourage you to stand with us in challenging the racism, prejudice and bias that have caused untold anguish for oppressed and marginalised people so that we may continue to work towards a truly inclusive future in which all people can live fully-realised, dignified lives. Indeed, it is only then that we will have achieved our Mission and Values.

At ISA, we condemn the tragic and needless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. Their deaths serve as stark reminders of the continued, systemic oppression and violence perpetrated against Black people and other marginalised groups in the United States, the United Kingdom (including Scotland) and other countries around the world. While we recognise that every group faces their own injustices, ultimately the phrase ‘all lives matter’ remains redundant unless we are committed to creating a world in which Black lives matter.

As an international school, we firmly acknowledge that these are not isolated incidents. Rather, these local events are situated in a global and historical context of systemic and structural racism and anti-Blackness. Our geographic location in the United Kingdom, and duty as educators, require us to interrogate and explore the racism which occurs in this country, too, as well as its historical roots in the British and European colonial projects which spread across the world. The racialized injustice that persists around the world demands a response that is more than simply non-racist; as educators at an international school, with students, families, staff and alumni from all corners of the globe, we commit to developing students who are actively anti-racist global citizens.

Moreover, we would like to encourage students, parents and teachers to seek out the plentiful resources (such as books, podcasts, articles and documentaries) that are authored by BAME activists and intellectuals so as to further educate ourselves on this pressing matter. To this end, we are working to compile, maintain and publish a list of suggested anti-racist resources. We will prioritise the decolonising and further diversifying of our curriculum to centre Black and marginalised groups’ experiences rather than placing them on the periphery. We welcome input and suggestions from the ISA community in these efforts.

We have all come to understand the dedication, perseverance and action needed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Racism is also a pandemic and, as such, demands a similar commitment to sustained, collective action that is open, honest and unified. We believe that, as a community, our actions locally, however small, will contribute to a positive impact on this global issue.

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