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ISA’s Café International in-house catering team would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and existing ISA pupils and parents.  We aim to create a relaxed, social venue and offer a daily service from 7.30am through 3.30pm, Monday through Friday.  Please come along to join the kids for lunch or relax with a latte in the new sofa area after student drop off.  Suggestions or feedback from students, parents and staff to assist in providing a quality service are always appreciated.

At ISA we sincerely believe that offering our students first-rate meals goes beyond high quality catering.  The health advantages of providing freshly prepared, wholesome food made from good quality ingredients are immeasurable.  The catering staff is confident in their skills, valued by the school community and succeed daily in constructing a menu that is well presented and adheres to nutritional guidelines.

It is important that students look forward to and enjoy their meals and that they learn about the origins of the food and take an interest in how the food is produced.

Our Café Menu for the week can be found on the ISA website under Quicklinks \ Café Menu.

  • The Menu
    The nutritional standard of food available both allows and encourages students to select combinations that contribute to a healthy diet.

  • Menu Availability                                   
    Sufficient choice is maintained until the end of service period.  If a student has difficulty in choosing something they would like to eat they are encouraged to speak to the catering or teaching staff on duty.  School menus aim to offer something for everyone through providing a choice of dishes from around the world.
    Students that have particular dietary requirements are catered for individually.  Such students are introduced to staff and an open communication between student, parent and catering staff is encouraged.

  • Fruit and Vegetables                             
    Fresh fruit is available as a choice at every mealtime.  A range of vegetables and an extensive salad bar selection is available daily.

  • Meat and Poultry                                   
    A quality local butcher is used for all meat and poultry items.  Products containing pork will always be clearly marked.  Halal meat is not used for all items, however, if this is a dietary requirement, please discuss with the Catering Manager.

  • Drinks/Water                                          
    In line with best practice, a combination of water, squash, fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee is made available throughout the day.  Unlimited fresh drinking water is available in the café at all times.

  • Nut Policy                                                 
    Every effort is made to ensure there is no nuts or products containing nuts used in the International Café.  Like most catering facilities we cannot guarantee no traces in the products that we purchase.

  • Salt                                                              
    The use of salt is kept to a minimum in the cooking process.  Herbs and spices are used instead to maximise natural flavours.

  • Fats/Oils                                                   
    These are also kept to a minimum in the cooking process.  Where necessary, healthier unsaturated fats are used.  Hydrogenated or trans fats are never used.

  • Deep Fried Products                               
    The school menu will never contain more than two deep fried products in any one week.  Traditional fish and chips are offered on Fridays; however, there is also a suitable non-fried alternative made available.

  • Organic Produce                                     
    Opportunities to procure organic produce will be constantly monitored and, where practical, these are used.

  • Local Sourcing                                       
    A policy of sourcing an increasing range of locally grown produce is actively pursued.

  • Food Committee Meetings                    
    Meetings are held on a regular basis with representatives from all school years.  These meetings provide an ideal platform to discuss new trends and any ideas that students may have.

Children can be very particular about what they eat and how it is presented.  We have found that the main concern of ISA parents is that their children eat a good lunch.  The menu offers a range of options (pasta, sandwiches, baked potatoes, etc…) however; it is up to parents to counsel their children about what they believe is appropriate for lunch.  It is not possible for the caterers to individualise the lunch programme; they endeavour to strike a balance that will meet the needs of ISA's students. 

To encourage children to eat the healthy main meal choice, set meal prices have not been increased this year.

Kindergarten to Grade 2

A £2.20 set meal includes:
A choice of Chef’s Daily Special or Pasta/Rice or Panini, Vegetables and Potatoes and Desert (fruit portion only) and a cup of orange or apple juice, milk or water. 

However, if the Chef’s Daily Special, Pasta/Rice or Panini is not selected, children must ask for an alternative and a Baked Potato with Filling or Soup and a Sandwich will be offered.  Ice cream or fresh fruit pots can be purchased separately if desired.  The catering staff do pay close attention to the selections children are making.  However, children should be encouraged to ask for assistance with their selection if they are unsure.

Grade 3 to Grade 12

A £2.40 set meal includes:
Chef’s Daily Special, Vegetables and Potatoes
A selection of drinks and additional items are available at extra cost.

If your child selects items outwith or in addition to the £2.40 set meal, these items will be charged individually.  This has created confusion in the past for parents because children often state that they had the set meal but, upon further investigation, it was usually discovered that the set meal and additional items were purchased.  It is important for the child to know if they have a budget when purchasing a lunch. The Cafeteria Staff can assist your child if you advise them of the budgeted amount.


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