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Learning Outcomes

The following developmental learning outcomes are broad, long-term accomplishments for the children in the preschool. They reflect the integration of learning and develop through all learning areas.

The ISA preschool staff, in partnership with our children and families, construct a curriculum with long and short-term goals for each child. The programme will work towards increasingly complex accomplishments at each child’s own developmental level.

The outcomes for the ISA preschool are:

  • Children develop trust and confidence.
  • Children develop positive sense of self and a confident personal & group identity.
  • Children develop a sense of being connected with others and the world.
  • Children’s natural curiosity and imagination are nurtured.
  • Children develop a range of thinking skills.
  • Children increase their ability to be effective communicators.
  • Children develop a sense of well being
  • Children develop a range of physical competencies.

Outcomes for each child are not necessarily predetermined by age related patterns of development but are observable ranges of behaviour and skills. Every child has their own unique experiences that have shaped their understanding of the world. We bring each child along their own learning journey, appreciating what they already know. We build on this foundation by introducing new ideas and concepts that are unknown to them.

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