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A place in sport for every child

National School Sport Week UK commenced this week (June 20-26th), with this year’s theme of Belonging, A Place in Sport for every Child aligning perfectly with our own ethos at ISA, ‘Every child, every opportunity’.

At ISA, we know a well-rounded education goes much deeper than traditionally taught classroom lessons and we recognise the important role sport plays in connecting our young people to the wider world. Our team of experienced teachers know that by promoting wellness and active lifestyles, our children’s brains will adapt to produce powerful results.

School sport should be an important part of every child’s education and development – every child should feel they have a place to belong.

Our varied sports programme is as a prime example of our values of inclusion and diversity as we strive to ensure our students are building confidence as well as building trust with their peers and learning how to support each other – all key components for future success in life.

For example, every child learns to swim and takes part in rock climbing. We offer a range of sports from basketball, volleyball and football, to tennis, pickle ball and badminton.

“Every student is encouraged to try out for a sport and to come to every practice in a safe, supportive, and, most importantly, fun environment,” says our PE teacher, Mark DeGraw.

“We know that by promoting active lifestyles and wellness, we are preparing our students, not only physically, but also emotionally and socially, to develop self-confidence and improve their skills in leadership and teamwork.

“Studies show that children who are physically active perform better academically, therefore, it’s crucial that every student is given the chance to take part in physical activity, even choosing to go for a walk is beneficial and will help them perform at their best in the classroom.”

As a school, we are also proud founding members of the International Schools Sports Association (ISSA) and affiliated with the Scottish Basketball Association, the Scottish Volleyball Association, and the Scottish School’s Football Association, and we regularly compete in regional tournaments and local competitions with competitive teams.

Being active forms a big part of life at ISA and our students are encouraged to immerse themselves in new and diverse activities - more recently we have seen a lot of interest in our circus skills sessions, designed to get kids active as a group and practice new skills including unicycling, juggling and stilt walking – these popular sessions always involve lots of fun and laughter!

Our students and teachers feel good about taking a break from the classroom environment and getting their bodies moving in any shape or form that feels comfortable to them.

We asked some of our Middle School students about their experiences in our sports clubs. This is some of the feedback:

“I play football and it’s a lot of fun and a great space to make new friends”

“The swim club has really improved my confidence”

“I play volleyball and it shows that hard work pays off and that you can always do better”

“Sports are a fantastic way for students to build long-lasting friendships and connections as they feel their confidence soar outside the classroom,” continued Mark.

“Sport is much more than simply taking part in an activity, it encourages values of participation, effort and consistency and provides the skillset and enthusiasm for hobbies that could last a lifetime.

“We should never take for granted the thrill of participation in sport or any activity that offers the value of personal improvement or the joy of connecting and belonging. Most significantly, the importance of acceptance.”

So, no matter your interests, find some form of physical wellness you enjoy and see where it takes you.

Move your body – shape your future!

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