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Student Council

Middle School Student Council

Student council is a very important part of Middle School. Our aim is to encourage students to have an active and healthy social life, promote school spirit and a sense of belonging to ISA. Also, student council members will show leadership abilities by acting as good examples of behaviour and positive attitude amongst their fellow students.

At the beginning of each academic year, there is a campaign and elections for four elective positions; President, Vice President, Secretary and Director of Communications. We also have student council representatives who provide ideas and support for setting up the events. Anybody with the right attitude can join MSSC!

Student Council members are in charge of organising curricular and extracurricular social events. During student council meetings, typically at lunchtime, we plan fun events for the whole of middle school to enjoy. We also support initiatives elsewhere in the school.

These MS events typically include;

MS Halloween Dance - October

MS Movie Night - November

Basketball Fun Night - February

Spirit Week - March

MS Red Carpet Dance - March

MS Summer Dance - May


The 2017-18 officers share their perspectives on the council and their roles…..

“As secretary of Middle School Student Council, I have the responsibility of recording and keeping track of the information we discuss at meetings. It feels great to help Middle School have an eventful and fun school year.” Julia Field, MSSC Secretary

“Being part of this Middle School Student Council is a great responsibility.” Nico McCracken, MSSC Director of Communications

“One of the reasons why I love Student Council is because we are like one big happy family. During our meetings we manage to go through all of the topics planned but still have fun. This is my second year on the MSSC and I love it. It’s an awesome way to help people out whilst still having fun.” Dylan Nokleby, MSSC Vice President

“Being President of student council is great. It requires a little bit of public speaking skill, but the fun of planning the events is worth it.” Phoenix May, MSSC President

 The MSSC team

High School Student Council

The High School Student Council is an organization of leaders representing the student body.  Each grade level elects representatives to the council each year.

The objectives of the Student Council are:

  • To initiate, implement, and complete projects and activities which will be of help to the school, the students, the faculty and the administration.
  • To develop and provide opportunities for leadership and service in the school. Part of the learning is to see the difficulty of getting people to commit and to follow through on tasks. This is an important team exercise.
  • To encourage personal growth of leaders so that they learn effective methods of leadership. Throughout the year, students have experiences that teach responsibility, self-confidence, dedication, respect, and integrity.
  • To contribute to the educational experiences of students by providing them with positive involvement in their school. The representatives become the liaisons between their particular class and the council. For some, this is their first step, and many find it to be very rewarding.
  • To increase school pride and provide outlets for student fun.  Some of these activities include planning and hosting school dances, the Spring Field Day, hosting breakfasts for the high school students, creating tables and serving as participants for the International Night, sending Candygrams and roses for Valentine’s Day and providing encouragement for our IB 2 students as they face more of the rigours of IB.
  • To evaluate their leadership and Student Council programs to assess needs for improvement or change. 

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