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Creativity, Activity, and Service!

The CAS IB Diploma Programme aims to develop all areas of personality.

One of the key foundations of our ISA programme is creativity, activity, and service (CAS). Through a variety of activities and projects, CAS enables our students to develop their passions, skills, and interests outside of the classroom.

Throughout the IB Diploma Programme, students in Grades 11 and 12 must engage in the CAS program, alongside their other academic studies, by participating in a range of activities and creating a final portfolio to complete their IB program. The core component of the IB program, CAS, encourages personal and interpersonal growth by providing students with experiential learning opportunities and fostering collaboration with others.

CAS is divided into three strands that explore various activities, allowing students to unleash their creativity and explore new opportunities:

Creativity: Exploring and developing concepts to produce unique or interpretive works of art or performances. This could involve learning to cook, acquiring a new language, or knitting.

Activity: Engaging in physical efforts that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This can include participating in individual sports or team activities.

Service: Responding to genuine community needs. This could involve working at a community centre, volunteering at a charity shop, or providing support in a nursing home.

Each student will individually meet with our CAS coordinator to discuss and establish their program of experiences, ensuring that it aligns with the seven outcomes of the program, which are as follows:

Identify strengths and areas for growth.

Demonstrate the undertaking of challenges and developing new skills in the process.

Exhibit the ability to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

Demonstrate commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences.

Showcase the skills and acknowledge the benefits of collaborative work.

Engage with issues of global significance.

Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

As students’ progress through the course of study, they must complete several short projects that address all three CAS strands. Eventually, they will undertake a final project that requires collaboration and numerous reflections. Typically, most students create projects that incorporate all three components while drawing inspiration and ideas from one or more of the strands.

Throughout the years, our students have been involved in multiple inspiring and remarkable projects, including:

Supporting the charitable organisation Renegade, students utilised their organisational skills to plan and host two tea parties for elderly individuals living alone. The students learned baking, table setting, and conversational skills, and enjoyed decorating a 90s-themed tea party with music, food, and decorations.

Planning numerous indoor activities for different age groups as part of "Green Week" celebrations, aimed at promoting sustainability. These activities included a Fairtrade baking sale, a cafeteria vegetarian week, and a "make a wish" tree exhibit, all benefiting 'Green' charities.

Taking full responsibility for organising a basketball tournament, raffle, and bake sale to raise funds for a nearby charity. Additionally, they visited the charity and provided support.

The CAS programme was designed to allow students to enhance their talents and passions by gaining practical experience and utilising their chosen skills. It is a truly unique, inspiring, and significant part of the IB program.

At ISA we take pride in watching our students grow into who they become and aspire to be.

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