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DressCode UK Winner- Eloise Reid!

We are delighted to announce that our very own 12th Grade student Eloise Reid has won a 1st place prize for the DressCode UK’s Summer of Code competition!

DressCode UK is a lunchtime club that can be set up in schools and was created for schoolgirls across the UK to help them discover Game Design, Scratch 3.0, Web Development, Cyber-Security and App Design. The charity organisation was founded with the aspiration to close the gender-gap in computing science and to help flood the tech talent pipeline, with their main objectives being to teach, encourage and raise-awareness.

DressCode organised the nationwide Summer of Code competition, open to all primary and secondary school pupils across the UK and Ireland. This competition inspired students to create their own coding projects- whether those projects are something fun, educational or to raise awareness on a particular topic. The brief encouraged all students participating to be as creative as possible and entries could be anything from a game to a machine learning programme.

Eloise managed to land herself an astonishing 1st place prize with her recipe manager application. explains that it could be used on a website with even “thousands of recipes”, and she created it to “help you find a recipe that fits you best.

Eloise included a number of filters and functions in her coding programme, including filters that screen recipes based on preparation time, complexity and ingredients. These functions narrow down the list until you land on the perfect recipe for you.

After bagging 1st place, Eloise won a Pixoo Programming kit, which can be built to display all kinds of information, such as time, weather, announcements, artwork and so much more. Eloise is hoping to showcase her upcoming project at our coding club when its ready- and we cannot wait!

We are extremely proud of Eloise and all her hard work, and quite frankly think this programme is genius! Eloise walks us through her programme, and how she did it below:

Congratulations Eloise!

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