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Get to know the Parent Teacher Organisation

At the heart of ISA there is a dynamic force working hard to build strong connections and foster a vibrant sense of community—the Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO). With its dedicated volunteers including parents, guardians, and teachers, the PTO plays a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience and cultural diversity at ISA.

The current PTO Board, consisting of 10 dedicated individuals fulfilling various roles such as Vice President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Social Coordinator, and representatives from Middle and High School, play a crucial role in steering the organisation. Furthermore, Class Event Coordinators (CECs) at various grade levels promote regular communication between parents and teachers, fostering a strong school-wide support network.

The PTO's primary objective is to cultivate a sense of community. Through carefully planned adult and family socials, the PTO promotes a cooperative and supportive relationship between students, parents, teachers, administration and staff, and the School Board. The school’s diverse community is celebrated through culturally rich events and encouraging all our nationalities to share their traditions. The PTO sits at the heart of ensuring our school’s cultural variety remains vibrant and engaging.

Beyond these core objectives, the PTO extends support to new families, facilitating their transition to life in Aberdeen. The organisation actively encourages an understanding of Scottish culture and boosts widespread involvement in our collaborative school community. Recognising the challenges of adjusting to a new environment, the PTO's Buddy Programme helps ease relocation issues to ensure a smooth transition to life at ISA.

One of PTO’s main tasks is the organisation of fundraising initiatives. Even though uniforms are not mandatory at ISA, the Spirit Wear, featuring ISA-branded goodies, not only creates a sense of identity but also contributes to PTO funds. Another income stream is through a partnership with Easy Fundraising which allows supporters to donate to the school while shopping online. Additionally, the Stikins Name Labels initiative not only helps parents keep track of their children's belongings but also channels a 25 per cent commission from all sales to put funds back into PTO coffers when using code 35395.

These fundraising efforts actively support ISA through an Enrichment Programme – an initiative that promotes a positive education experience by upgrading the curriculum and school environment. This involves hosting visiting artists, showcasing engaging science demonstrations, providing sporting uniforms, and supplying essential equipment for the Fine Art and IT departments. ISA staff and students can submit Enrichment applications twice a year - once each semester. The first semester of the 2023/2024 academic year saw the PTO supporting eight projects, ranging from the provision of SAD lamps for staff well-being during darker months to funding outdoor seating, ceilidh events, author visits, climbing club activities, and mindfulness programs. The PTO plays a pivotal role in creating a positive experience for ISA students and staff and the organisation’s efforts and commitment are well recognised across the school community.

Nick Little, Head of School commented, “The PTO’s dedication resonates throughout our school, creating a vibrant and inclusive community that goes beyond the classroom. Their work and motivation embody the spirit of unity that defines our school, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each member of the PTO for their invaluable contributions to our school community.”

The PTO stands as a beacon of unity, working collaboratively with the school and its stakeholders to create an environment that not only prioritises educational excellence but also celebrates diversity, fosters community spirit, and supports every member of the ISA family.

We would encourage parents and guardians to consider becoming an integral part of the ISA community, whether by joining the PTO board, becoming a buddy to a new family, or volunteering at any of our events. To find out more, please send an email to

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