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International Week - A Celebration of Diverse Cultures

The dictionary definition of the word community states: “a body of people with something in common” and this week has been a true embodiment of that at ISA.

Our international festival is a much-anticipated week where we celebrate diverse cultures around the world and the many which make up our school community. By shining a light on our diverse global community and simultaneously celebrating our connections we can learn much about ourselves and others. As the late Professor Stephen Hawking said: “We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being, but we share the same human spirit.”

Our 2023 celebration kicked off with a special assembly last Monday when students from PS to G8 shared all their learning on the country they have been studying in social studies.

This set the scene for a lively, colourful and busy schedule of live performances and presentations that took place throughout the week.

Our main event was held last Thursday evening where our whole school community joined together in a very special celebration of our internationalism of which we are naturally incredibly proud.

All our students and their families were invited to join the celebration which included the International Parade of our student body, followed by a showcase of global cuisine, displays of customs from our home cultures, performances from students and community groups, and traditional games. It was so uplifting to see our wider community of parents, teachers and students working together to capture the ISA spirit and make a huge effort to ensure a wonderful evening was had by all.

Across the week we were fascinated to explore the concurrent themes of similarity and difference through a range of media including food – often community cultures will use the same ingredient in myriad ways to achieve quite different and unique end results and that is a great metaphor for celebrating diversity and inclusion far beyond the kitchen.

Sustainable development in clean and affordable energy across countries and a fitting example also comes to the fore thanks to research by some of our students and this gives us all a great example of how learning from other each other, across geographic boundaries, can help us to achieve great things – for our people as well as our technologies and, ultimately, our planet.

ISA is founded on the knowledge that healthy communities and positive learning environments are always built on the quality of human relationships and we believe that each person is unique, valuable and worthy of respect. Everything which has enlivened our school over the past week, and indeed during the past 50 years, has served to underline that ethos in the most colourful and vibrant ways and revitalises our focus on developing students who are multi-cultural, self-aware, and open-minded.

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