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Kindness Week

At ISA, kindness is a daily practice, but when the first week of September arrived, our Elementary and Preschool students wholeheartedly embraced Kindness week, bringing our community together to celebrate and elevate the spirit of compassion and empathy.

The events and activities created lasting memories and taught valuable lessons to both our students and staff. Following on from an activity that involved the entire Elementary school, the children crafted leaves for Ms. Goyne's Kindness Tree. A group of students attended the assembly and contributed a word symbolising their thoughts on kindness towards the Kindness Buckets.

Preschool students opened their hearts and doors to their older peers inviting them on playdates. Grade 4 and some IB students joined the preschool children on Monday, Grade 5 on Thursday, and Grade 3 on Friday. The campus echoed with infectious laughter! The sunny playtimes were a testament to the joy of connecting with one another.

Within the classrooms, Kindness Week brought forth heartwarming stories, reminding everyone of the various ways to fill their own "kindness buckets." Children embraced acts of kindness, including complimenting, and assisting each other, sharing toys, and helping teachers during snack times. These gestures were recorded and added to the growing Kindness Paper Chain, showcasing the strength of our united and compassionate community.

Teaching preschool-age children about the importance of kindness lays a vital foundation for their future. Kindness makes the world a better place, fostering empathy, compassion, and nurturing strong relationships. Young children, like sponges, absorb lessons and values from their surroundings, and encouraging kindness helps them understand others' feelings, create a positive and inclusive environment, setting the stage for a lifetime of empathy and harmonious interactions.

We hope that the lessons learned during Kindness Week will continue to ripple through our hallways and classrooms, shaping not only the character of our students but also the world they will one day lead.

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