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In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the vibrant and close-knit community that is the foundation of ISA. By delving deep into the heartfelt testimonials from parents, students, and former teachers, each of them reflects on their unique experiences.

One parent beautifully described our school as "a community filled with kindness and respect." This sentiment resonates with the Education Scotland Inspection Report of 2023, which hailed ISA as "a welcoming, vibrant, and highly inclusive environment for learning" with a strong commitment to fostering respect, kindness, and inclusivity.

Parents also highly appreciate the remarkable focus on students' individuality and the adaptability of classes to suit the learning style of every child. "We love that Pre-School makes learning so much fun and follows the interests of a child. We cannot thank the staff enough for understanding and letting our son be himself," shared one parent. This adaptability is achieved through our smaller class sizes, one-to-one meetings, and tailored educational and counsellor support. As one parent expressed, "I feel all the staff know my child and communicate exceptionally well, as a team, to provide the best support for my child."

Our educators are celebrated for going "above and beyond to meet the needs of families." We consistently organise in-person and online meetings with parents, aiming to maintain open lines of communication, provide informative materials, and learn from valuable feedback. Parents have expressed that "there is always an honest and open exchange held between teacher and parent."

Through the dedication of our staff, we have cultivated an environment where children eagerly "look forward to each day in school" and "are so happy and nurtured." As a parent expressed, "ISA is not just our school; it is our family and our community."

The testament of our students also echoes these warm feelings. From enjoying their classes to exploring the range of facilities offered by the school, our students value teachers' kindness and the strong sense of belonging they feel at ISA.

We asked our Pre-School students to share their thoughts on what they like best about attending ISA. Playing outside and embracing outdoor learning methods were the most prominent answers. They highlighted the enjoyment of playing games with their friends from Grade 4, underscoring the valuable support provided by older students to younger peers. Engaging in role-play activities like "doctors" brings them excitement, and they appreciate the school's numerous buildings and classrooms, along with the caring teaching staff members.

Former teachers who have worked at our school have exceptional feedback about their experience. One of them emphasised, "ISA teachers are like no other. Their passion for teaching, understanding of child development, compassion, and care for students and coworkers alike, all while having fun, are memories and lessons I treasure." Another former teacher noted, "Literally the best group of teachers I've had the pleasure and honour of working with. Each one's primary focus was always on the students and how to best help them along their journey."

Our school is a place where students, parents, and teachers come together with the same goal - to create a unique and enriching educational experience. Our commitment to providing a nurturing, inclusive, and exceptional learning environment shines through the testimonials. These heartfelt accounts, combined with the positive findings from the recent inspection report, put the spotlight on our dedication to fostering a community where every child thrives academically and emotionally.

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