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After School Activities

After School Activities

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ISA Swimming Pool Schedule


5.45-7.45: AASC –squads (4lanes), ISA parent & staff (2lanes)
15:15-16.45: Open Swim Session (4lanes), ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
16.45-17.45: AASC -Learn To Swim Programme (2 slots)
17.45-19.45: AASC- squads
19.45-20.45: AASC- Fitness (Students, parents and staff)


5.45-7.45: ASC-squads, ISA parent & staff (2lanes)
15.10-16.10: ISA Swimming Club (4lanes), ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
16.15-17.15: AASC Learn To Swim
17.15-18.45: AASC –Squads
19.00-20.00: Pentathlon Club- swimming division


6.00-7.30: AASC –squads , ISA parent & staff (2lanes)
15.00-17.00: ISA AFTER SCHOOL (various activities)
17.15-19.15: AASC squads
19.15-20.45: AASC – fitness


5.45-7.45: AASC-squads, ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
15.10-16.10: ISA Swimming Club (4lanes), ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
16.15-17.15: AASC Learn to Swim Programme
17.30-19.30: AASC-Squads
19.30-20.30: AASC-fitness


5.45-7.45: AASC- squads ,parent &staff (2lanes)
15.15-16.45: ISA Open Swim, ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
16.45-17.45: AASC Learn to Swim
17.45-19.45: AASC-squads


7.15-8.45: AASC-Squads
9.00-11.00: AASC Learn to Swim
11.15-12.15: ISA Community Swim Programme
12.15-13.45: ISA Open Swim, ISA parent &staff (2lanes)
14.00- 16.00: AASC Learn to Swim
16.00-17.00: AASC-squads


10.45-13.30: AASC- Learn to Swim
13.30-14.30: AASC- Fitness
14.30-17.30: AASC-squads
17.30-18.30: Lifesaving
18.30-19.30: Lifesaving sport

All Lessons taught by The Aberdeen Amateur Swim Club starting at age 4 - Masters

Contact: email aberdeenlts@yahoo.co.uk phone: 01224 319004 http://www.aberdeenasc.org.uk/

Need more information, contact: skazmierski@isa.aberdeen.sch.uk

Sam Kazmierski
ISA Aquatics
Reception - 01224 730300
Pool Office - 01224 730334

Special programmes are advertised in the after school activity schedule throughout the year. Refer to the Thistle Talk Newsletter. (I.e. surf and paddle club, kayaking club). Sometimes programmes are cancelled and rescheduled – please refer to the weekly Thistle Talk newsletter.

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