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Counsellor’s Corner: ‘Tiny Habits’ for 2022

Welcome to Counsellor’s Corner!

At ISA, student wellbeing sits at the heart of everything we do and what we stand for – even in our mission statement ‘a safe and caring learning environment’, we don’t just mean physical safety, but increasingly, in this time, emotional security too.

Often when we think of change, we take on projects that are too big, and as a result we don't achieve our goals. ‘Tiny habits’ are small changes that can make a big difference, and have the power to alter our thought patterns, actions, and circumstances.

In our latest blog, Valerie shares some examples of ‘tiny habits’ that you could adopt this year…

Tiny habits for better physical health:

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
  • Park as far away as you can from your destination
  • Stand up and stretch every hour, on the hour!

Tiny habits for better mental health:

  • Get the recommended amount of sleep
  • Meditate
  • Perform an act of kindness

Tiny habits for better productivity:

  • Make your bed!!
  • Set daily tasks and goals
  • Switch your notifications/phone off

Tiny habits for better relationships:

  • Speak to at least one friend or family member a day (in person or online/over the phone)
  • End your day with a word of thanks or encouragement
  • Prioritise time with your loved ones

What will your tiny habit be for 2022? Make sure you start with something that is important to you personally!

Best wishes for your tiny habits this year.

Warm regards,

Valerie DeGraw, Guidance Counsellor

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