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Blog: Morrisby Psychometric Testing

Grade 10 is an exciting time for students, as they are in the position to start making decisions about their future – whether that be gaining their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or taking an alternative pathway outside of ISA.

With almost all Grade 10s going on to take the full IB Diploma for the 2 years of Grade 11 and 12, ISA provide students with fully funded Morrisby Profiles to help kickstart their decision-making process.

The Morrisby Profiles help students find their true career direction using scientific profiling of abilities, personality, interests and motivation to help them discover their own unique characteristics. With this awareness, they can then ensure they are able to make the right choices when it comes to making decisions regarding their futures and career.

What’s involved?

Students will be asked to complete approximately 100 minutes of timed assessments and questionnaires. These are usually taken under exam conditions, however please not this is not an intelligence test and there is no need to revise. Students will be given practice questions at the start of each session and a timer to show how much time they have left for completion.

Why should students sign up?

▪ Gain insight into strengths, abilities, preferences, motivations, and personality type

▪ Helps make important decisions such as which subjects to take or what the next steps could be based on their preferences

▪ Provides careers suggestions best suited to their strengths and abilities plus advice on the routes to those careers

▪ Offers access to over 600 career descriptions including videos, case studies and useful links

Our excellent university programme and psychometric testing is delivered by High School Counsellor Heather Barker, alongside independent Careers Advisor David Chapman. This year’s assessments will take place after school on Monday 24th January from 3-5pm in the High School (second floor) MPR 1 and 2. This will then be followed by with interviews with David on 31st January - 3rd February, and meetings in March to further support research of prospective courses and subject entry requirements for the universities – at this stage we begin the discussion about their IB course choices or the route they want to take for next year.

It doesn’t just start with our Grade 10s – our Grade 8s have just began their career research journey using ‘Morrisby Careers’ and are very excited about what lies ahead!

We are delighted to be in a position where we can provide our students with opportunities such as this to give them the best start at whichever path they may choose for their future.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information on the Morrisby Psychometric Testing process, please contact our High School Counsellor Heather Barker.

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