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Counsellor's Corner: Moving to New Locations

Welcome back to Counsellor’s Corner!

Many of the families here at ISA, are moving to new locations. Transitioning to a new environment and school with new people can be very challenging.

In our blog, Valerie shares RAFTS, an acronym that illustrates a few easy and effective ways families can approach transitioning and make it a more positive experience...

R =Reconcile your relationships or make peace.

Be sure to leave on good terms with anyone you disagreed with. Create fond memories during your last few weeks.

A and F = Acknowledge your Friendships.

Let your friends know how important they have been. If you do this, you will retain an openness that will allow you to anticipate your new location with resilience. Communicating your appreciation, gratitude, and affection -- before you leave -- to those who have been important to you is equally important and helpful.

T = Think about where you will be next.

Be realistic. Keep an open mind about the next location. The move may not solve all of your future plans, but it is a new experience to enjoy and embrace.

S = Say Goodbye.

The most important thing you can do before you leave is to say goodbye to your favourite people. Make a plan, then do it. This will bring an important sense of closure.

Remember, “How well you leave, sometimes determines how well you arrive.”

Give these a try, during your move and we wish you all the best during this time.

Warm regards,

Valerie DeGraw, Guidance Counsellor

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