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Students Win First Place at COP26 Climate Change Competition

We are delighted to announce that our Grade 4-6 students from Sustainability Club and four of our Grade 7 students have both won the COP26 regional schools’ climate change competition.

Tasked with designing a carbon zero world in 2030, the students worked together to create their vision of a green community. The students were asked to consider a broad range of issues including how people might travel, what kind of buildings and shops there might be, how food is grown and what nature might look like.

Entries were invited in various forms including drawings, 3D models, songs, poems and video messages. The winning entry from our Grade 4-6 students consisted of a 3D Eco-Island along with a narrated short video to describe their design, whilst the Grade 7’s created a Minecraft video entitled “Our Sustainable City”.

Lulu Davies, one of our Elementary Teachers and Sustainability Club Co-Leader, said every student brought something different to the Eco-Island:

“I’m incredibly proud of our students who each contributed their own ideas on issues they are interested in from hydrogen and clean energy to recycling and composting initiatives.This project was very much student-led and they all did an amazing job. The project has taught our young people about how the choices they make today can impact their future – it really got them asking the question - what kind of life do we deserve?”

Fabiana Pereira, one of our Science and Technology teachers, said she was most proud of her students’ awareness of the climate change movement.

It’s so important to demonstrate to our students that they have a voice and that their ideas and views will be heard by those in charge. I am delighted that our students’ creativity and hard work has paid off and I look forward to ISA being represented at COP26.”

Alison Stuart, Director, Aberdeen Climate Action, said the project was designed to encourage the students to visualise the big changes that are coming:

“The entries from both ISA Primary and Secondary pupils showed a very good understanding of climate change issues and how they will affect our future communities. The level of presentation was excellent and we’d like to congratulate everyone involved. It is just fantastic to see how much understanding of the issues that young people have. Government and business would do well to listen and learn from them!”

The students will receive a certificate, and their winning videos will be used to form part of Aberdeen Climate Action’s display at COP26, featuring messages from the region’s young people on climate change. The ISA library will receive a copy of Kids Fight Climate Change: How to be a #2minute Superhero by Martin Dorey – make sure to check it out!

A massive congratulations to everyone involved, we couldn’t be prouder of our students’ dedication to such an important cause.

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