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Supporting a variety of careers at ISA

As our students approach the end of their school years, a lot of conversations are held about future career paths. While this can be exciting for students, it can also be daunting at the same time. Some big, life decisions must be made, about where they want to go and why.

However, at ISA, we ensure our students feel supported and empowered to explore all the options available to them before making those big decisions– whether that be choosing subjects to study in their International Baccalaureate (IB) or which university or college they’d like to attend or maybe they just want to travel and see the world!

Twice a year, we host a ‘Careers in the Community’ event for our Grade 8-12 students, where we invite five very different members of the local community to volunteer their time to speak with our students about their chosen career path.

From dentists, doctors, vets, and engineers to script writers, artists, lawyers, journalists, and politicians – the goal is to expose our students to a wide range of career options and push them to explore alternative careers they may never have considered or known about before.

Our speakers have always been a wonderful contact and resource for our students and offer their email and details to any students wishing to explore further. The students often avail this opportunity, like Irmak, who a few years ago received life changing work experience after connecting with our dentist speaker, Celia and is now studying dentistry at Kings College in London.

This year on May 27th, we are delighted to welcome Cerri McDonald, Managing Director or Prospect 13 Marketing Agency, Philip Smith, International Development and Humanitarian Aid, Justine Roberts, Speech and language Therapist, Dr. Alejandro Gallego, Marine Scientist and Pietro Casabianca, Aeronautical Engineer.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Cerri McDonald commented:

“I’m incredibly passionate about inspiring the future generation of professionals and not just in the field of marketing. It is also important to remind youngsters that there are so many transferable softer skills that they are already equipped with which universities, colleges and employers find desirable. Furthermore, I like to reassure them that there is no wrong path. Through hard work, enthusiasm to learn and a drive to do your best, will result in success in many different forms.”

Our High School Counsellor, Heather Barker added:

Community members play a vital role in helping our students explore different career paths. By seeing a diverse group of speakers allows our students to learn about a wide range of careers that align with their interests and skills that they may have never heard of. Our speakers also act as mentors to our students and inspire them to work hard to achieve their goals”.

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